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They say it’s simple to make someone cry, but it takes a lot more effort to make someone laugh, and this is certainly true for comedians in the Telugu film business. Numerous individuals have succeeded in poking the audiences’ funny bones. While we have laughed heartily while watching them on the TV, we seldom consider the amount of effort that has gone into the performance. In honor of all those who have made you laugh, we present a list of the top seven Telugu comedy actors of all time.


Dr. Brahmanandam began his career in 1987 with Pasivadi Pranam but got widespread attention with filmmaker Jandhyala’s Aha Naa Pellanta, which some believe is the actor’s first film. Brahmanandam’s performance in Aha Naa Pellanta established him as among the most sought-after performers and comedians in the Telugu cinema industry.

From 1987, the actor has not once taken a break from performing and holds the Guinness World Record for the most film appearances by an actor. However, the actor has stayed away from films in recent years, starring in memorable parts such as Jaathirathnalu. Brahmi, as he is affectionately known by Telugu viewers, continues to be an all-time favorite comedic actor for everyone.

Brahmanandam’s Movies On Aha


Sunil is another of Telugu’s finest comedic performers who has swept the globe by storm. He has starred in a number of films as the principal actor but finally reverted to comedy. His humorous sensibility and sense of humor have proved to be a key draw for his fans, as he enjoys putting a smile on his followers’ faces.

This Tollywood comedian’s career began slowly. His earlier films were either canceled during production or performed poorly at the box office. He persisted, though, and landed his first main part in the film Andala Ramudu. And, he hasn’t looked back since. 

Sunil’s Movies On Aha


Venkata Prabhu Prasad, both amusing and astute, changed his name to Saptagiri after an event at Tirumala. Ironically, Saptagiri’s comedic career is nearing its zenith, boosted considerably by the massive success of films like ‘Prema Katha Chitram’, ‘Lovers’, and ‘Venkatadri Express’. He is funny in the main character, delivering one-liners and performing flawlessly.

Saptagiri’s Movies On Aha

Prudhvi Raj

Prudhvi Raj first came to prominence in the 2002 blockbuster ‘Khadgam,’ where the role he played made him very famous. He has since established himself as one of Tollywood’s comedy actors and most dependable comic stars. He is quiet yet very talented. His illustrious career continues to flourish.

His comedic timing, unique chuckle, modulation, and likability are all quite contagious. After starring in these kinds of roles, he earned the affectionate moniker ’30 years Prudhvi’.

Prudhvi Raj’s Movies On Aha

Raghu Babu

Raghu Babu began his career as a negative character actor but quickly transitioned to humor. Raghu Babu is the son of prominent actor Giri Babu, but he has always maintained his own image and has never relied on his father’s. Raghu Babu’s humorous performances in films like Attharintiki Daaredi and F2 are among his best.

Raghu Babu’s Movies On Aha


Priyadarshi Pulikonda did not make his film debut with Pellichoopulu, but he created a strong impact as Kaushik in the film. His sentence ‘Naa Saavu Ne Sastha, Neekenduku’ continues to be one of the most memorable in current Telugu films. Priyadarshi has never been restricted to comic parts and is often featured as the protagonist in web series and short films.

Priyadarshi’s Movies On Aha

Jayaprakash Reddy

Jaya Prakash Reddy is not just a prominent Telugu comedian, but also a popular Telugu antagonist. However, the majority of his wicked performances are more comical in nature. Jaya Prakash, or JP as he is affectionately known by his admirers, is renowned not just for his wit but also for his ability to maintain a straight, emotionless expression while reciting the funniest lines. His devotion to making his followers laugh is evident throughout his work.

Jayaprakash Reddy’s Movies On Aha

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