Review of Mukha Chitram

Raj Kumar (Vikas Vasishta), a cosmetic surgeon, likes a girl, Mahathi (Priya Vadlamani), and weds her. However, one more girl called Maya Fernandez (Ayesha Khan) has had feelings for him since childhood, and Raj’s marital relationship also triggers her disappointment. When all is working out, a collection of occasions make Raj’s life upside down. What are those incidents? How did they affect Raj’s life? How is Dr Satya (Chaitanya Rao) part of Raj’s life? See the movie to discover the solutions.

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Plus Points:
The makers must be appreciated for choosing a delicate yet relevant principle and presenting it without hesitation. The social message shared is the heart and soul of the film, which makes the audience meditate. Having Vishwak Sen in the crucial climax episode brings added value to the film, and also, the actor is good in his quick cameo.

The 2nd half of the film is respectable, which is when points start becoming serious as well as engaging. Once again, the crucial spins provided right here are good as well as produce an influence. A few scenes are well warranted and linked in the latter hr, which was impressive.

The shocking plan of the movie is Priya Vadlamani. She was magnificent in the essential sequences as well as did get rid of composedness. Priya’s performance was really efficient as a traditional lady, and also her character is also well-written. Vikas Vasista is great in his role. Chaitanya, as well as Ayesha Khan, were excellent as well.

Technical Aspects:
The history rating by Kaala Bhairava is effective in essential scenes. The tracks aren’t that wonderful, though. On the other hand, the cinematography by Sreenivas Bejugam is great, and so are the production worths. Nevertheless, the editing team ought to have eliminated a few unneeded scenes as well as trimmed down the film a little bit.

Pertaining to the director, Gangadhar, he did a passable job with the film. While the story penned by Sandeep Raj is engaging, the execution was middling. A lot more treatment was required pertaining to the initial hr, which also is slow. The story ought to have been developed a bit earlier in the movie. The group obtained excellent musicians who offered their finest.

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