Review Of Gaalodu Movie

Sudigali Sudheer is a preferred name in the TV industry. He has turned hero for a film called Gaalodu which has actually hits the displays today. Allow’s see exactly how the movie turns out to be.

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Sudigali Sudheer is known as Gaalodu in his village as he has absolutely no seriousness in life. He enters into a fight with the town Sarpanch’s son and mistakenly eliminates him. He runs away to Hyderabad and also in one incident, he aids the heroine played by Gehna Sippy. Excited by this, she places him as her motorist and likewise falls in love with him. Yet like in all films, the heroine’s dad gets upset and attempts to stop the affair. How does the couple come out of this is the tale of the movie.

Plus Things:
The film is a routine romance but Sudigali Sudheer attracts attention. He is outstanding and has solid display existence. Everybody will certainly be stunned to see dance in the movie. He is just as good as a star hero when it pertains to dancings. The mass fights and mindset match Sudheer quite well and will resemble by several.

Gehna Sunny plays the women lead and she as well was also great in her role. She shares great chemistry with the hero. Saptagiri and also Shakalaka Shankar were great in their funny duties.

One of the greatest properties of the movie is the songs by Bheems Ciciroleo. All the tunes are excellent and also have likewise been shot rather well. The orgasm fight is styled well.

Overall, Gaalodu is romantic action movie. Sudigali Sudheer is the only relief as he is outstanding with his dances and also mass lovers.

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