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Nikhil and Anupama Parameswaran, that racked up a mighty hit with Karthikeya 2, has once more paired for 18 Pages. Director Sukumar penned the movie’s story, and it is directed by Surya Pratap.

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Siddhu (Nikhil Siddharth), an app designer loves a woman but she cheats on him. This presses Siddhu right into anxiety and during this he discovers Nandhini’s (Anupama Parameswaran) journal on a roadway. Siddhu starts reviewing it and slowly he falls for her. Siddhu discovers numerous intriguing truths about Nandhini as well as when he attempts to fulfill her a big twist enters into the tale. What is it? Did he meet her? Did Siddhu share his sensations for Nandhini? This develops the crux of the film.

Plus Things:
A couple of movies have been available in the past in which the lead pair succumbs to each other without meeting. 18 Pages fall in the very same category and the creators do well in showcasing the charming facet fairly. In these contemporary times, it is tough to display love without having combo scenes of the lead set, but Sukumar’s story has good moments which makes the audience involved.

One can feel the chemistry in between Nikhil and also Anupama though they satisfy till the very end. The creating right here is well-balanced with fun and also love portions. Tunes drive the story and also they are well-placed with significant lyrics. The director has developed the first fifty percent in a breezy and basic manner with excellent comedy portions. The end once again is wonderful and also simple which functioned well.

Nikhil once more has chosen a various manuscript and also the actor has given a neat efficiency. He is too good in the funny sequences as well as the psychological scenes showcase the actor inside him. Anupama Parameswaran is all-natural in Nandhini’s function and one roots for her personality from her very first scene. She is convincing as a sectarian girl and her scenes are well-written.

Sarayu gets an excellent unabridged duty and also does well. Additionally, a few crucial social aspects like how social networks and mobiles are impacting human bonding as well as interactions are portrayed rather well. There is a small series where Nikhil states one requires to provide their time to their aged moms and dads which has inner depth.

On the whole, 18 Pages is a respectable romance that uses a various feel to the viewers. Aside from the exceptional performances of the lead set, a few appropriate topics are additionally discussed. The way the movie works on a light-hearted note for the most part is great. The movie winds up a decent watch this weekend break.

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