Kranthi Movie Review

A film named Kranthi featuring Rakendu Mouli as well as Biggboss popularity Inaya Sultana in the lead functions was released straight on aha. It is directed by Bhima Shankar.

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Ram (Rakendu Mouli), a Police aspirant, and also Sandhya (Inaya Sultana) share a veteran relationship. Sandhya prompts Ram to speak with her father about their love matter so they can marry as well as live gladly afterwards. The extremely next day, Sandhya gets murdered in a strange fashion which shocks Ram. He soon enters into depression setting. Almost a year after Sandhya’s fatality, Ramya (Sravani Shetty), who deals with Ram as her bro, goes missing out on. Ram quickly goes back to normalcy and also begins his search for Ramya. Throughout this, he is familiar with some stunning details. What happened to Ramya? What are those details which amazed Ram? Did Ram conserve Ramya? The film has the solutions.

Plus Details:

Female’s safety and security has been one of the most worrisome things in India, and the general public is aware of the ruthless events that occurred to females in the past few years. Kranthi deals with this burning issue. Dialogues referring to this facet are perfectly created. Though the act of collecting ladies themselves to eliminate on their problems appears like that of Mahesh Babu’s Spyder, the orgasm portions as well as scenes hereof offset it.

The protagonist Rakendu Mouli who is a package of talent excels in the role of Ram. As an individual who undertakes despair over his partner’s fatality, Ram provides an excellent performance. He attempted to carry the movie on his shoulders. The leading woman Inaya Sultana though seen for a quick duration, is fine in her role. She does precisely what is needed out of her character.

Sravani Shetty and Yamuna Srinidhi are good in their particular roles. Other artists did a satisfactory work. Additionally, the movie’s length is almost 90 mins which turns into one more essential benefit.


On the whole, Kranthi has a pertinent point, Rakendu Mouli does well, and the pre-climax to climax sections are Kranthi’s advantages. The film winds up just an all right watch this weekend break for the message it carries.

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