Best Tamil Thriller Movies & Web Series In Malaysia

Being the world’s largest filmmaking nation, India produces more than 1500 movies per year in different languages. In the past decade, the making of local Tamil-language content is actively growing in Malaysia. Among these, we have seen various notable films across an interesting mix of genres that are well received by the audience. In this blog, we’ve covered some of the top Tamil thriller movies and web series of all time in Malaysia. 

Best Tamil Thriller Movies & Web Series of All Time In Malaysia

Here are the best Tamil thriller movies of all time in Malaysia, along with web series as well, to help you prepare for your binge this weekend!


  • Director: Rajesh M. Selva
  • Cast: R. Sarathkumar, Nizhalgal Ravi, Abhishek Shankar
  • IMDb: 7.1

Irai is a Tamil criminal thriller web series that was developed as an Original for Aha Tamil. It was directed by Rajesh M. Selva and produced by Radesh Mediaworks. Irai is often hailed as one of the best thriller web series of all time in the Kollywood industry.

In the fall of 1985, ACP Robert Vasudevan examines the unsolved cases of men from wealthy families in the city going missing. During his investigation, he discovers an unexplainable pattern in the kidnappings, which ultimately leads him and his colleagues to one common connection. There will be just one woman standing between Robert and the legal system when the inquiry is through. Will he be successful in finding out who committed the crime? Watch the web series on Aha to find out!


  • Director: Mathi Maran
  • Cast: Varsha Bollamma, Chandrasekhar, Amirtham Gunanidhi
  • IMDb: 6.4

Selfie is a Tamil thriller movie in 2022 directed by first-time filmmaker Mathi Maran and produced by the DG Film Company.

Kanal is a rowdy engineering student at a low-level university who is always on the edge of a fight. In spite of his desire to pursue a career in business, his controlling father insisted that he study engineering in order to obtain status and respect. The more he discovers about his father’s involvement in a college admissions scandal, the more eager he gets to learn the truth.

After just a few days in Chennai, he discovers that the college admissions scam there is both profitable and well known. In order to gain the trust of a distant cousin of a close friend by helping him get admission to a city medical school, Kanal and his group go to extraordinary lengths. However, after obtaining the location, the customer cancels and wants a refund of the money he has already paid. In the event that Kanal’s closest buddy Nazir refuses to help out, the situation escalates.

When Kanal’s group applied for the post, they used the identity of Ravi Varma, a prominent college admissions broker, as their alias. It is only natural that Kanal, his friends, and their families would be targeted by criminals and loan sharks. It is Nazir’s choice to make that will alter the lives of Kanal and all his friends forever. Check out one of the best Tamil thriller movies of all time only on Aha! 

Bhama Kalabam

  • Director: Abhimanyu Tadimeti
  • Cast: Priyamani, John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, Sharanya Pradeep
  • IMDb: 6.2

Bhama Kalapam is a criminal comedy thriller film that was written and directed by Abhimanyu in 2022. The movie was produced by Bapineedu and Sudheer’s company, SVCC Digital, which was owned by Bapineedu. Justin Prabhakaran and Mark K. Robin contributed to the film by writing both the music and the lyrics.

Bhama Kalapam signifies Priyamani’s debut online film. The majority of the film was filmed indoors due to the limitations imposed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The majority of the filming was done in a gated neighborhood in Hyderabad, and it took place over the course of 25 days.

The Andhra Pradesh folk dance known as Bhamakalapam served as the inspiration for both the film’s title and its primary theme, which is centered on the story of a woman named Satyabhama who is fiercely proud of her heritage. The film was shown to the public for the first time on Aha on February 11th, 2022, and almost instantly received praise for being among the best thriller movies of all time.


  • Director: Franklin Jacob
  • Cast: Samuthirakani, Hari Krishnan
  • IMDb: 7.8

Writer is one of the best Tamil thriller movies in 2021, written and directed by first-timer Franklin Jacob & produced by Neelam Productions, Golden Ratio Films, Little Red Car Films, and Jetty Productions.

Aha acquired the post-theatrical streaming rights to the film, which launched on 11 February 2022.

A writer who works at a police station finds himself embroiled in a custody dispute that involves an innocent Ph.D. student. Is it possible for him to rescue the young guy despite the shame and remorse towering over him?

Kuthukku Pathu

  • Director: Vijay Varadharaj
  • Cast: Samyuktha Karthik, Sanjoey, Adukalam Naren
  • IMDb: 7.9

Vijay Varadharaj helms the web series Kuthukku Pathu. Under the auspices of D Company Production, AKV Durai has financed this endeavor, which features cinematography by Jagadeesh Ravi plus music by Balamurali Balu. This show can be seen in Tamil. 13 May saw the web series launch on Aha Tamil, and immediately became one of the best thriller web series of all time.

The plot of the film centers on a group of friends who attempt to resolve marital troubles. All the buddies react harshly when one of them is assaulted by the couple’s family members. Complexity is added to the story with the introduction of a few criminals. The story’s continuation consists of further events. 

An Overview of Malaysian Tamil Thriller Movies and Web Series

The making of local Tamil-language films in its motherland of Tamil Nadu is actively growing in Malaysia. With the Tamil diaspora worldwide, there are many enthusiastic filmmakers who want to make their mark.

One of the first Malaysian Tamil thriller movies is Ratha Paei, starring Kalaikkumar Chinnasamy, Susheela Devi, Sivaji Raja, M. Baharudeen, Mukesh, Vijaya Gowri, and Malaysia Vasudevan.

The Highest Grossing Malaysian Tamil Thriller Movies In 2022

‘Vedigundu Pasangge’ is the best thriller movie of all time when it comes to Malaysian Tamil thriller movies and has also set the record as the first local Tamil-language film to cross the RM1 million mark at the box office. Starring Denes Kumar, this thriller serves as the third movie in the “Pasanga” trilogy, which started in 2011 with “Vilaiyaatu Pasange”, followed by 2014’s “Vetti Pasanga”. 

Get A Taste of Tamil Thrill Only On Aha

Recently, the Tamil industry is releasing some of the best Tamil thriller movies with engaging stories and stellar acting. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Tamil thriller movies. So, if you’re looking for your next thriller movie to binge-watch, we have a lot to offer. Browse through our extensive library and watch movies online. Sign up and start watching the best Tamil love story movies & Tamil comedy films as well!

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