Best Tamil Movies To Cheer Your Mood Up In 2022

Comedy is the essence of life. Life can be hard, but when you have fun moments, it can make living life easier. Especially if the moments are Tamil comedy movies that will put a smile back on your face.

These movies are sure to cheer you up and make your day better! Tamil and Telugu comedy movies are quite a rage now. People love over-the-top comedy with funny dialogue. If you want to stream them, you can count on Aha. 

We have listed down below the best Tamil comedy movies that are sure to get you rolling on the floor laughing! 

1- Emoji (2022) 

This is a love story of a couple being pulled apart not because there are misunderstandings but because there is too much understanding between them. Madhav and Deesha, a young, vibrant couple in love, will separate because of their passion. A twisted story of young lovers where the question lies, will love be able to put them together again? 

2- Manmatha Leelai (2022)

This movie is about how one decision changes a hero’s life in two different timelines. This movie happens in two parallel timelines 2010 and 2020. Both storylines take the hero through turmoil and lead to his breaking point. Find out what happens to him and how he handles both of these tragedies. 

3- Sixer (2019)

This movie is based on a site engineer who suffers from night blindness. His life changes when he is mistaken for a protest group leader by a goon. And more complications arise when he falls in love. This movie is a roller coaster of emotions and will take you on a fun ride. 

4- Kavalai Vendam (2016) 

This story is based on a man whose estranged wife asks for a divorce and wants him to sign the documents. But he (Aravind) keeps a preposition. He tells her he will sign the paper if she lives with him for a week and behaves like a good wife. This strange demand leads to a lot of incidents. Watch it now on Aha Tamil to find out! 

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